The demand for high quality presentations is increasing all the time. Modern technology using a computer linked to a projector and/or smart whiteboard opens up a wide range of possibilities for business and education users.

Integrinet does not actually sell or supply any equipment and can therefore give you impartial advice on the equipment best suited to your needs. We keep abreat of the latest developments and are familiar with all the major brands. Once you have purchased and installed your equipment we can provide help and training to enable you to get the best from your investment.

Depending on your specific requirements, you may want to add live or recorded video to your presentation capability and we can advise you on the most suitable solution to meet your needs.
There is a wide range of presentation software available, the most well known of which is probably Microsoft's PowerPoint, but this may not always be the software package best suited to your needs. Again we can offer help, advice and in many cases a demonstration version of the software you are considering.