music business

Many artists are completely dependent on their computers for control of MIDI files, lighting, set design, song lyrics and composition as well as administrative support.

Integrinet has many years experience in the music business and we are familiar with the needs of the industry and the way things are done. We supply services direct to artists and their own production companies, management and promoters, but you will not find the names of clients plastered over our website as we operate a discreet, prompt and thoroughly reliable service.

Services for UK based artists are often provided direct, but we can also support overseas artists and this is usually done through the UK promoter. We are able to support non UK English versions of Mac OS.
We have provided on-call services for European tours so that should a problem occur whilst on the road we will come and fix the problem. Standard charges apply for the time taken to fix the problem, but all travel and hotel expenses are extra.