Networking allows you to get the best from your computers and printers located in one place (a LAN or Local Area Network) or even on the other side of the world (a WAN or Wide Area Network).

If you want to know how to share a printer with two or more computers, share files between your computers or even share an internet connection, then advice is readily available.
A network need not be restricted to one location, you can share files with colleagues in other parts of the country or anywhere in the world. If you travel for business and need access to your network when you are away, then this can also be set-up.

If you have a mixture of Macs and PCs and they are not on the same network, you may not be getting the best value for money out of your investment in equipment such as printers and servers. We are experienced in putting Macs and PCs onto the same network and providing access for all to servers, email, printers etc.

As Broadband or ADSL internet access becomes available to more of the UK you may wish to upgrade your internet connection so as to benefit from the much higher connection speed. This enables you to download files much more quickly and to take advantage of many of the new internet services which rely on high speed connections.
Getting a Broadband connection opens up all sorts of new opportunities, but it can also make your computer or network more prone to unauthorised access or hacking.
It's possible to protect your network from unauthorised access by installing a Firewall.